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Unlock the innovative potential of your existing employees and let them lead your business in transitioning to the new, high-tech economy

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Unlock the innovative potential of your existing employees and let them lead your business in transitioning to the new, high-tech economy. By patching up any know-how gaps with knowledgeable people and impactful technologies, you remove any constraints on your growth. Expand your reality and cultivate your cyber value in a way tailored and scalable to your business needs. This is not only about cutting costs, but optimising processes, increasing efficiency and maximising productivity.

Scaling growth

We provide complex knowledge services made in Europe by 2,000+ designers, developers, and IT specialists across Poland, perfectly organized and managed. Polish engineers will support your business in creating innovative VR/AR solutions, scaling your cyber value, or shoring up any knowledge shortcomings your organisation suffers. Whether you’re a SMB company growing quickly or a small department in an enterprise level company working at full-steam, we can support your organization more productive, more efficient, more knowledgeable and fully transparent.

Expanding reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions are pushing the envelope of time and resources, allowing you improve processes, optimise costs and asset allocations. The advantage of training in virtual reality over traditional training methods is that it allows you to gain real-world competences without using real-world resources.


Culture and values are important when choosing a partner to work with. Sharing common ground right from the start places your team in an advantageous place as good communication, shared purpose, and similar mindset can greatly facilitate the smooth execution of a project.


Best of both worlds. Right now, Poland is in a unique place economically and technologically. Since its entrance into the European Union in 2004, it has flourished and modernized at an unprecedented pace. However, due to its past behind the Iron Curtain, only recently has Poland become a “developed market” and is the first ex-Communist country to do so. As a result, Poland’s workforce is modern, knowledgeable, yet affordable, making it a perfect time to take advantage of this situation as it won’t be this way indefinitely.

What we do

Coming from a dynamic, hardworking country, we know what it takes to get things done. We support innovators by providing consultancy, Proof of Concept (PoC), Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and development in software and emerging technology solutions.

How we work

Avoid the typical pitfalls of development such as incomplete software and misunderstandings with developers that lead to frustration, sunk time and resources, delays, and reworking. Although the rock-bottom pricing of such solutions is tempting, the reality is that you get what you pay for. By investing in quality and working with teams that are on the same wavelength as yours, you reap the rewards of smooth development flow, stability, and a satisfying development experience.


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